Why Diets Don’t Work ?


Diets don’t work because they are short term solutions to a long lived problem- unhealthy eating habits.

I have tried hundreds of diets throughout my life. I’ve lost weight. I’ve succeeded. As soon as I stopped dieting, my old eating habits started creeping back and slowly I was putting my weight back on.

There are two parts of our mind: conscious and subconscious.

The conscious

The conscious mind is the part that we know best. It’s our thoughts, internal dialogues and our will. The conscious part is judgemental and deals with experiences that occur in the present.  When we are on a diet we use our will. We use our conscious mind.

The subconscious

The subconscious part we are less familiar with. We can’t access it as easily. Ironically, it is the subconscious part that controls us. It holds the key to all of our automatic reflexes and safety circuits. It is a powerful force and it will nearly always win over the conscious mind. Once an unhealthy eating habit is  learnt it becomes imprinted  in our subconscious.

Being on a diet is a constant struggle between conscious and subconscious mind! Unfortunately subconscious will nearly always win over the conscious mind. That’s why we slowly go back to our old unhealthy habits once we stop dieting. That’s why

Diet’s don’t work!


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