My First Week – Summary.

I have been following the THINK SLIM weight loss programme for over a week now and I thought you might be wondering how is it going and what is it like to stick to its rules.

It’s going great! I have managed to follow the rules all the way through 3 occasions:

  • International Women’s Day at work
  • My partner’s birthday party
  • Mother’s Day

I ate cake and enjoyed it thoroughly! I also ate pizza, drunk red wine and indulged in a pack of chocolates!

How It Felt

New, exciting, different, naughty, sometimes strange.

At First Struggled With

Eating mindfully and stopping when I’m full.

Most Surprising Experience

The feeling of calm. Thinking less about food.

Things That Went Bad

I forgot to listen to the hypnotherapy recording once.

Things That Went Good

I started to listen to what my body needs.




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