On The Way To The Top – First Weight Loss

I have done it! I have lost my first 4 lbs with Think Slim programme! I am so happy and excited! It means to me so much. Not only that I have created an amazing weight loss programme but also it means that if I really stick to it, I will be able to reach my healthy weight target!

What I found most difficult

Eating everything. For someone who spent their life trying to avoid certain foods and counting syns or calories eating everything is quite terrifying! It feels naughty as well. The way I dealt with it was simple: I did it anyway! I ate only when I was truly hungry and when I was eating I really took my time to enjoy it; I looked at the food, I smelt it, I fully realised its texture, I concentrated on my stomach filling up more and more after each mouthful and when I felt I was almost full I stopped eating.

How I Feel Now

I feel proud, strong and in control. I can’t wait for the weeks ahead and for more weight to come off. I can’t wait for my friends to notice I’m shrinking! Somehow, I feel calmer around food and I think much less about it.


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