THINK SLIM Weight Loss Programme

What is it

THINK SLIMĀ is a highly effective weight loss programme. It is all about forgetting the diets and learning new, healthy eating habits. If you truly commit to the Think Slim programme, you might enjoy eating without feeling guilty, lose weight and feel more in control around food as well as in life in general.

This professionally designed weight loss programme lays the foundation for your healthy, slim lifestyle and will assist you to keep your weight off, while making you feel attractive, confident and successful. I’d like to think that losing weight might be only the beginning of your amazing transformation into your healthy, slim self.

I have created it to help me achieve my weight loss and personal goals. This programme is NOT a diet. It is designed to assist you with changing your unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle for the better. In addition it aims to strengthen your self esteem and confidence and make you feel great about yourself.

You are what you think- THINK SLIM!

How does it work

Through the use of hypnotherapy THINK SLIM reprograms your subconscious mind to think slim, eat slim and act slim in a most enjoyable way!

Who is it for

This bespoke programme was created for people who overeat and as a result are overweight.


What is included in the THINK SLIM programme*

  • 30 min Free Consultation
  • Information pack (additional information with tips and useful weight loss tools)
  • Recording of a professionally designed hypnotherapy session (MP3/CD) to listen to every day
  • 4 x 45 min hypnotherapy session (4 weeks: 1 session a week) at my practice.


*I am delighted to announce that The Essential THINK SLIM Weight Loss Programme will be soon available for purchase